Monday, July 26, 2010

Why is church coffee so often bad?

Great Article on the website.

Why is church coffee so often bad? web article

Having been apart of various churches over the last 20 years I have seen this time and time again, and often find it frustrating. I have also seen the effects of a church doing an outstanding job on a ministry outreach or preparing to worship God and have been blessed to be apart of it. Why do we not put our best foot forward always? I think the article makes several good points, and I think gets to the heart of the issue. From the article...

"Ultimately, the weaknesses in our churches and organisations have a common root: the fact that we do not value our faith as we should. What we believe, and in particular what we believe about our local church, has ceased to become the central point around which our lives are built. It has gone from being a foundation of our lives to some sort of accessory and we need to adopt a very different mindset.

That we have poor coffee in our church is the most trivial of matters, yet I believe it is often a symptom of something very serious. It is too easy for us to be substandard in what we do for God. Friends, let us resolve to pursue excellence for the glory of God."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quote from Phil Harris

I have been a fan of the Discovery Channel Show, Deadliest Catch. Not family friendly, but for a variety of reasons, I enjoy it when it is on.

It has been a hit on Discovery for some time, and one of it's leading character's, Capt. Phil Harris passed away this crab season. Very sad, and the rest of the Captains gathered to honor him. One of them shared this quote which I thought was priceless.

On Capt. Phil Harris's voicemail:

"You have reached Phil Harris' cell phone, please leave a message, if it is important I will get back to you, if I don't get back with you, you will know why."

Pretty funny.