Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Back to Nepal

In 2013 I made my first trip to Nepal to train church leaders in a remote village some 5 hours outside of Kathmandu. I was quite nervous making the journey for the first time, but found the experience exciting and terrifying. While I was there I was praying the whole time for God's discernment. Asking God whether this was a one time thing, or a beginning of a ministry. I came away from this time in prayer with a sense it was a beginning.

I am heading back to Nepal, and again I am raising funds for this ministry opportunity.  Let me share what has been happening in the past year since returning from Nepal in 2013.

In May of 2013, I spent about 8 days in Nepal, mostly in a remote village near Trisuli.  It was an amazing experience and it was my first time in Nepal.  Seeing the needs of the church and the country as a whole, I wanted to return in 2014.

Over the past year, I have seen a growing excitement about Nepal and the church in Nepal.  God has brought new people into my life who want to help the Nepalese church and Global Equip as a ministry is encouraged by the new opportunities in Nepal.

In Oct. 2014 I will be returning for a longer trip, but will be traveling to different parts of Nepal.  This trip will take me to Pokhara, and the Chitwan Region as well as KTM (Kathmandu).  I will be doing similar training of Christian Leaders as I did in 2013, but this time it will be a different group and much larger.  I also am going to have an opportunity to speak at a Youth Conference and meet with and pray with pastors from all over Nepal.

Last year's experience was much more regional and local.  We were in one place for most of the time.  This trip has a lot more travel in it, and will be broader in its reach.  I am very excited about this new chapter.

I will be traveling with 2 men this time, Pastor Dan who is Nepalese and Rev. Jon Taylor, minister at Church of the Redeemer in Manchester, NH.  With the additional travel, the expenses have gone up from last year.  Rev. Jon Taylor and I are trying to raise  $6000 each to cover our costs as well as help with the costs for the training in Nepal.  Rev. Taylor is way ahead of me in the fund raising so I need to play catch up.  Will you consider helping?

Please go to and click on the link that says "Donate".  

If you prefer mailing in your donation, send it to:

Global Equip
PO Box 472131
Tulsa OK 74147

Make sure when you put in the memo of the check or online donation, "Nepal 2014 Jason"

If you want to know more, by all means contact me and would love to share.  And please be praying for Nepal and its church.